Script Name

Author's Name:name of author or company Author's Site:name and link to site
Last Version:latest version number Type:If Trusted or Restricted
Purpose: Which is the purpose of the script, that is, a brief description. Just few lines.
Before: After:
Applicable to: Is script applicable to the whole image? Just to a part or to a selection? Only to a layer but not to background? Here you say which are the applicability rules.
Dependencies: Are there any dependencies for this script? For example, an external images or the availability os a specific resource?
Requirements: Should the user do anything before running the script? For example, make a selection or increase the number of colours?
Interaction: Is script an interactive one? That is, is the user requested or allowed to change any parameter during running?
Location: Is a standard script bundled with a specific PSP version or is there a URL where script can be downloaded from? Compatibility:Which version of PSP can script run in?

Description by [your name]