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This initiative is completely free, and you have not to feel bound to pay anything for taking advantage of this site. However the site is hosted on my personal domain, and I pay for it. Therefore I will appreciate if you would decide to make a donation to contribute to my expenses to mantain this initiative.

Since PayPal service has a cost for the donation recipient, in case you decide to make a donation, you are please asked to donate at least 3 dollars (USD) or euro (EUR). Click the button below to make your donation. Thank you in advance.

In case a donation is revoked, PayPal may charge it back. Such operation has a cost that may be also higher than the donation itself. Since in the past I received unsolicited donations that have been revoked with the purpose to damage this site, I was recommended by PayPal to add a terms and conditions statement here for donations:

By donating to this site by PayPal, you commit to never revoke your donation for any reason, and you implicitly authorize PayPal to reject any request of chargeback of any unsolicited donations of yours for this site. If you disagree with this condition, do not donate.