Choose Named Color

Author's Name:Dario de Judicibus Author's
Last Version:1.0.0 Type:Trusted
Purpose: Opens a dialog to select a Named Color. Once selected, the color can be applied to either foreground or background material.
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Applicable to: Material, not images nor layers.
Dependencies: Script has to be loaded in a trusted folder because it has to access Python TKinter component to create the dialog.
Requirements: Script does not need a document to run.
Interaction: Once the dialog appears, double click on color name in the listbox to select it. Once selected, click on Set FG color or Set BG color buttons to apply the selected color respectively to foreground or background material. Once a button is pressed, the color is applied and the dialog disappears, that is, you cannot set both colors in a single session. To change both foreground and background colors, just call the script twice. To quit the dialog without setting colors, just click on the standard window close button.
Location: Freeware, available here. Compatibility:Tested on PSP 9 and PSP X.

Description by Dario de Judicibus