Generate Anaglyph

Author's Name:Dario de Judicibus Author's
Last Version:1.0.0 Type:Trusted
Purpose: Generates an anaglyph from a side by side stereoscopic image, so that you can see a 3D image by using red/blue glasses.
Before: After:
Applicable to: Applicable to a single-layered image. Image must have on the left side the left-eye picture, and on the right side the right-eye picture. Both pictures must have the same size and be glued in the middle (no gap between pictures). Of course the two pictures shouldn't be identical, otherwise you will have no 3D effect.
Dependencies: None.
Requirements: Script requires an open document. Script checks for an existing document and terminates if none exists. It also checks for existing selected areas, and remove them if any.
Interaction: Default is no interaction.
Location: Freeware, available here. Compatibility:Tested on PSP 9 and PSP X.

Description by Dario de Judicibus