Author's Name:Dario de Judicibus Author's Site:www.dejudicibus.it
Last Version:1.0 Type:Library
Purpose: A set of functions which provides additional functionalities to Paintshop Pro scripts.
Checks if current selection is a pure rectangle, that is, rectangular shape, no feather, no antialias, no holes.
How to install: Copy file ddjSupportFunctions.py to {PSP Install Folder}\Python Libraries.
How to check:
Copy file ddjTestCheckSel.PspScript to any Trusted script folder. Create a rectangular selection on any image and launch ddjTestCheckSel.PspScript. Do the same with an irregular shape selection and launch it again.
How to use:
First check if a selection exists, since this function performs no check on selections. Then just call it as follows:
if ddjFunctions.ddjIsPureRectSel( Environment ) == App.Constants.Boolean.true: 
  # Selection is a pure rectangle
  # Selection is NOT a pure rectangle
Requirements: All scripts using this library should be saved in a Trusted folder.
Location: Freeware, available here. Compatibility:Tested on PSP 9 and PSP X.

Description by Dario de Judicibus