Full image drop shadow

Author's Name:Jackie Laderoute Author's Site:-
Last Version:2003 Type:Trusted
Purpose: Add a drop shadow of image. Duplicate original image.
Before: After:
Applicable to: It works on current layer only by duplicating the original document. Image size is increased to make room for shadow. If applied to a selection, the effect works only on selected area, but a ghost image of selection still remain on layer.
Warning: the original document is closed at the end of script.
Dependencies: None.
Requirements: Script requires an open document. It is recommended to unselect any previous selection.
Interaction: Drop Shadow is applied twice. The second time, user is prompted for parameter changes, if wished.
Location: Comes with PSP 8, PSP 9, and PSP X. Compatibility:Tested on PSP 9 and PSP X.

Description by Dario de Judicibus