Bevel selection

Author's Name:Jasc Software, Inc. Author's Site:-
Last Version:2002-2004 Type:Restricted
Purpose: Make a selection appear to sit on top of the image by beveling the edges and casting a shadow.
Before: After:
Applicable to: Applicable to current layer. A selection must exist, otherwise script terminates. Note that script does not check for selection at the beginning. If layer has transparencies, script acts to the intersection between selection contour and opaque pixels only.
Dependencies: None.
Requirements: Script requires an open document and a selection.
Interaction: Default is no interaction. User has no way to change edge colors, brightness, or thickness.
Location: Bundled with PSP 8, PSP 9, and PSP X. Compatibility:Tested on PSP 8, PSP 9 and PSP X.

Description by Dario de Judicibus