OneStepPhotoFix (v8)

Author's Name:Kris Zaklika Author's Site:n/a
Last Version:2002-2003 Type:Restricted
Purpose: Provides one-step photo enhancement by running the following commands in order:
Automatic Color Balance, Automatic Contrast Enhancement, Clarify, Automatic Saturation Enhancement, Edge Preserving Smooth (SmoothingFactor 2), and Sharpen. Script promotes image to True Color and checks for Greyscale. If not greyscale, it calls first AutoColorBalance with Strength 30 and Temperature 6000.
Before: After:
Applicable to: Applicable to current layer. Script ignores and remove any selection.
Dependencies: None.
Requirements: Script requires an open document. Select the layer to which you wish to apply the script.
Interaction: Default is no interaction.
Location: Available from old Jasc site since PSP 8. Compatibility:Works on PSP 8, PSP 9, and PSP X.

Description by Dario de Judicibus