Grid Maker

Author's Name:Jasc Software, Inc. Author's Site:-
Last Version:2004 Type:Trusted
Purpose: Add a layer to the image with a grid defined by the user.
Before: After:
Applicable to: Applicable to any image. When the script completes the grid will be saved in the patterns directory so it can be used at any time in the future without having to run the script.
Dependencies: None.
Requirements: Script requires an open image.
Interaction: Default: Interactive. This script brings up a dialog that prompts the user for the x/y spacing of the grid (in pixels). The grid will be drawn using the paintbrush, using whatever foreground material is set on the materials palette.
Note: Grid manipulation is accomplished via the layer pallette.
Location: Bundled with PSP 8 and PSP 9 Compatibility:No compatibility issues.

Description by Elizabeth Hancock