Auto Tuber

Author's Name:Jasc Software, Inc. Author's Site:-
Last Version:2004 Type:Trusted
Purpose: Combine all open images into a single image and export it as a tube.
Before: After: .
Applicable to: Applicable to any raster image.
Note: Before and After sample images have been resized to fit table cell.
Dependencies: None.
Requirements: Script requires two or more open single-layer, transparent, raster images. If the script encounters any image not meeting the specified criteria, a message displays asking the user to press ok and have the script make the necessary changes (i.e., merge all visible layers together or convert to a raster image), or cancel and leave the offending image(s) out of the tube.
Interaction: Default: Interactive.
Location: Bundled with PSP 8 and PSP 9 Compatibility:No compatibility issues

Description by Elizabeth Hancock