Welcome to the PSP Script Library

The purpose of this library is to provide PaintShop Pro users with a brief description of most of scripts available for that product. This is not a script archive, that is, scripts are not available for download, since most of the scripts described here are provided with the product itself. For free scripts, anyway, an URL to the download site is provided too.

This site has been developed by Dario de Judicibus, with the collaboration of PSP Script community. If you wish to contribute by providing a script description, please, contact me. The HTML template for the script card is available by clicking on Sample page in the Template menu, whereas samples images are available in Sample images.

A special thank's to Suz Shook who has provided several script description. She also has a very interesting and useful site on PSP: Suz's Place. Further discussions about PSP scripts can be found on corel.PaintShopPro_Scripting newsgroup.

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